When We Listen Book Promotion

A short shout out to those who purchased "When We Listen: Recognizing the Potential of Urban Youth" by Sylvester Brown, Jr.

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Sylvester's Blog

Politics, culture, current events...this the place where Sylvester has posted commentaries and stories that have stirred his passions over the years.

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The Sweet Potato Project

In 2012 Sylvester turned his words into action by creating a nonprofit aimed at teaching urban youth, self-sustaining entrepreneurial skills through agriculture and land-ownership.

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Sylvester Brown Jr. with Amanda Doyle - White Castles with Jesus & Uncle Ray at the Used Tire Shop

May 5, 2021

Left Bank Books welcomes St. Louis journalist, writer and author Sylvester Brown Jr. who discussed his new book with author Amanda Doyle. CLICK HERE to hear interview.

"Voices" radio hosts interviews Sylvester Brown, Jr., author of Gateway Gas, about his new book, upcoming talk show, "Take Five Live" and the impact of social media.

"St. Louis on the Air" Interview:

Sylvester Brown On ‘White Castles With Jesus & Uncle Ray At The Used Tire Shop’

St. Louis Public Radio | By Sarah Fenske  Published January 20, 2021

Sylvester Brown’s new book, “White Castles with Jesus and Uncle Ray at the Used Tired Shop,” collects stories and essays the St. Louis native and longtime journalist wrote from 1995 to 2018. And reading the collection, what might strike you most is just how little things have changed. Click here to listen: 

Uprising: Storytelling Through COVID

"We Live Here" Podcast

St. Louis Public Radio | By Lauren Brown, Jia Lian Yang

An interview with writer/reporter, Sylvester Brown, Jr. from the St. Louis American who shares what it’s like to work on a year-long fellowship to produce stories about COVID-19 affecting the Black community. Video made by Sylvester Brown, Jr. You can her the full "We Live Here" podcast by clicking here

"You're Here for a Reason"

Nov. 2011 Interview

The mere fact that we were born indicates that we are all walking, talking miracles. In this interview, Sylvester speaks to our higher purpose and ability to "change the world."

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